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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you work for all insurance companies?

A. No. Some insurers look for multiple quotes to reduce the repair price. We are in a competitive market and our prices are always fair and reasonable. We invest heavily in technology and equipment and employ only highly skilled and licensed tradespersons. This comes at a cost that some insurers fail to recognise. If you own a 2010 vehicle, I am sure that you do not want it repaired with 15 year old technology. Sadly some repairers do just that, keeping their overheads to a minimum, as well as the quality of repair. Quality and service both come at a price.

Q. Do I need two quotes?

A. If you are dealing with an insurer that requires multiple quotes, then like many other repairers, we will not deal with them. There is only one reason for insurers getting multiple quotes and that is to reduce the cost of repair as much as possible. Like everything in life you get what you pay for. We believe that if every one is doing the same job with the same skills and expertise, then the price should be the same.

Q. Do you have loan cars?

A. No we do not. In the past we have, but the cost to supply and maintain a free vehicle is prohibitive. Our experience has been that many people abused the privilege and did not look after them or bring them back on time. To provide loan cars we would have to increase our prices to cover the costs. This would put us at an uncompetitive disadvantage. Some insurers offer a free hire car with their policy at an additional premium.

Q. How long will it take to fix my car?

A. While we have a good idea of the repair time frame, it is difficult to commit to exact times. Delays occur. Staff absentees create delays, parts supply can be an issue as can, incorrectly supplied or damaged parts. If it is a large repair, it is not always possible to see all of the damage until the repairs have commenced. The last part of the repair is the mechanical component including wheel alignments, air conditioning regassing and electrical repairs or resetting. There may be issues with any of these. Sometimes sub-contractors are required and we are at their mercy.

Q. Will the colour match?

A. Colour matching is an imperfect science. We endeavour to get the colour as close as possible to perfect. The newer the vehicle, the better the chances of this is. Plastics on vehicles such as bumpers and door handles are more difficult to match. Check out some cars in the local car park. You will notice that even the manufacturers rarely get it right.

Q. Can I choose my own repairer?

A. Why not? Most insurers will offer you choice of repairer even if they have their own recommended repairers. Of course they would expect the repairer of your choice to be well equipped and capable of a quality repair. If you can’t choose, then it must be about price.

Q. Can I go through the other person’s insurance company?

A. Yes, but this can cause delays for many reasons. Your own insurer should be used as you pay your premiums to them and they have a greater interest in serving your needs.

Q. At the scene of an accident, can I insist that my vehicle is towed directly to you?

A. Yes, you must insist. Most towing companies have the ability to access our holding yard or can contact us directly. There are some tow operators who will try to steer you to a panel shop with which they may have some financial arrangement. If a towing company refuses your request, refuse to allow them to tow it. Contact Swan Towing on 9274 4454.

Q. After I have taken delivery of my vehicle, what do I do if a problem arises?

A. If a problem arises or you have a concern, contact us immediately. While we hope this never happens, we will be more than happy to address the issue or contact your insurer on your behalf.

Q.  Do I have to report my accident to the police?

A. If the total damage to all property exceeds $3,000 or there is personal injury then the accident must be reported to the police. This can be done online. See our links section for more.

Q. What makes a 4WD Specialist?

A. Check out more on our website under 4WD.

Q. What if I need to contact you after hours?

A. Our customers are so important to us that management operates a 24/7 phone answering service.
These calls are directed to one of the office staff after hours.

Q. Do you put original parts on my car?

A. We always quote to put original parts on your vehicle. Some insurers insist on second hand or after market parts to be used. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, this may not be an issue.

Q. How long will it take you to do a quote on my car?

A. If the vehicle is drivable, we will take about 10 minutes of your time to get enough detail to start the process. You can then carry on about your business while we complete the process.

Q. If I make a claim will I lose my no claim bonus?

A.  As a rule of thumb, if you are not at fault and supply the name and address of the responsible party you won’t be charged an excess or lose your no claim bonus. However, this is not always the case. If your insurer is not certain as to whether or not the claim is recoverable, an excess may apply and there may be some loss of no claim bonus. This could be permanent if the costs are not recovered. If costs are recovered, the excess will be refunded and your no claim bonus will be reinstated.

Q. What if I have an excess?

A. your excess is payable on completion of the repair. While some repairers require it to be paid before commencing repairs, we are happy for it to be paid when you pick up your vehicle. Unfortunately, the vehicle will NOT be released until the excess is paid. Due to many instances of people promising to bring the money the next day etc. and not doing so, there are absolutely NO exceptions.On rare occasions, the vehicle may be ready and taken without a part that may not be available at the time. All excesses must still be paid. The excess is the first amount of the account not the last.Collecting excesses is like collecting taxes, we would prefer not to do it. Unfortunately, the insurer deducts the excess from our account. All excesses can be paid for with selected credit cards or cash.




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